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Welcome to Rachitech, your local computer service provider and international trader. In this page you will find everything you need to know about Rachitech, Computer in sale and accessories, How to have your own personal computer and upgrading it, Get free software created by South African young software designers. Get links to most popular web pages providing useful information. Get most work done by Rachitech on the office work. (e.g. Invitation cards) 

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Rachitech offers a variety  of personal computer to choose from. Get your own computer. simple click the picture to go to the computer page for more  information. click here

  Get started by downloading Rachitech software for evaluation. Get the powerful low memory consumption mp3 player to play your own music while working without memory interference of your memory being used. download the latest font and make your presentation decent with Rachitech font 2006. click here to get started

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If you can't do it, lets us help you. Office work page, you will find what services we have to offer. from office work. CVs, business cards, digital photos, calendars, invitation cards, printing, ect. Click here