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Our South Africa star Lebu Mathosa has left us during an excident last passed day. She was said to be dead at hospital. tell us more new if you know more about this news.
The class of water
Rachid on 11/02/2006 at 11:26am (UTC)
 A 6-foot tall Magician had a water glass and was holding the glass above his head. He let it drop to the carpet without spilling a single drop of water.

How could he manage to drop the glass from a height of six feet and not spill a drop of water?
Comment posted by Rachid( rachitekyahoo.com ), 05/23/2009 at 8:16am (UTC):
the riddle is cool
Comment posted by TIZM( tizmwebmail.co.za ), 10/25/2008 at 10:16am (UTC):
da damn glass was empty DATS WHTSUP!
Comment posted by zanele( xyzeemelgmail.com ), 12/04/2007 at 11:20am (UTC):
she drop the whole thing, thus that was not just a drop.
Comment posted by Aubrey( 0837183855mtnice.co.za ), 11/04/2006 at 1:51pm (UTC):
Sure rachitech with the grace vof allahy i'm sure that ur okay if so thanks to him, dont worry about me i felt like commenting in regard to the riddles bt my english is back




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